Chimera Station

$ 30.00

60-90′    2-4    12+
Mark Major
Brian Patterson
Genetically modify your alien workers as you build a shared space station.

In the intergalactic commerce hub Chimera Station you don’t just send your workers to their tasks … You splice claws, tentacles, and other parts onto them to give them an edge over the competition! 


Chimera Station brings a new twist to the worker placement genre: customizable workers. Each worker can be modified in-game by splicing claws, tentacles, leaves, or brains (or any combination of those) on them. These workers are used to gather resources (food, coins, and worker components), score points, and perform actions. During the game, you’ll expand the space station with module tiles. Featuring a grand total of 13 initial modules and action spaces, 40 additional module tiles, 22 perks, 20 different ways to configure your aliens with components, and 4 different races with specific abilities, the possibilities are endless! Easy to learn, yet hard to master…

Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 22.6 × 31.5 × 9.2 cm


Box content

  • 1 game board
  • 2 countdown tokens
  • 4 round markers
  • 28 genetic components (7 brains, 7 claws, 7 leaves, 7 tentacles)
  • 40 station module tiles
  • 22 perk cards
  • coins
  • food tokens
  • start player marker
  • 4 score markers
  • 4 double-sided player mats
  • 24 workers (6 per player)
  • 4 research markers
  • 6 starting resource cards
  • 1 rulebook



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