Game Brewer Promo Pack


10 Promo Cards for all the newest Game Brewer games.

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As many of you know shipping logistics and costs have been very complicated this year. Instead of retroactively raising the cost of our shipping prices to combat this, we decided to get a bit more creative. We have created a promo pack of cards for some of our most recent campaigns. The cost to produce these was small but contains lots of fun! Your purchase will help cover the rising cost of ocean freight, and then you get to add some fun to a game or two!


The pack of 10 cards contains promos for Arkwright: The Card Game, Rulebenders, Stroganov, Hippocrates, and Paris.


Arkwright: The Card Game

Adds 3 event cards. 2 of which will come into play in any one game, 1 each at the end of the first and second decade.



Adds 2 Flexo cards. They are part of the set collection cards, but because they are found in the Flexo deck they add more choice when creating the sets.



Adds one 2 sided card. In Spring, Summer, and Autumn a fur will be added to the card. Hunting or gaining a fur that matches the one on the card will gain or lose players extra story points.



Adds 3 Goal Cards. Each offers a reward to the first player who achieves that goal.



Adds 1 air balloon card. Players bid to win a prestigious air balloon ride over Paris.


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