Hippocrates: Agora

90′    1-4    12+
Alain Orban
Laura Bevon

Expand your hospital with the help of nurses and patrons.


Note: This is an expansion and cannot be played without the Hippocrates base game.

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Next to the temple, where you and your team of physicians are striving to heal the sick and treat the wounded, lies the Agora. This main gathering place is filled with activity, commerce, politics, and people from every level of society. Navigate this central hub to find help for your new medical practice. Become the worthy successor to Hippocrates at the Agora!


In this expansion to Hippocrates, you will find 4 modules that can be added to the base game. You can choose to play with 1 or more of these modules in any combination.

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Box Content

  • 6 leader tiles
  • 16 nurse tiles
  • 12 benefactor tiles
  • 12 noble tiles
  • 16 event tiles
  • 2 prestigious doctors
  • 2 prestigious patients
  • 1 round marker


Rulebook Agora – English
Rulebook Agora – German
Rulebook Agora – French
Rulebook Agora – Dutch

Hippocrates: Agora