Stroganov Deluxe Big Box


90′    1-4    12+
Andreas Steding
Maciej Janik

Venture even deeper into Siberia to explore the wilderness.

Expected Release Date: October 2024.



In the 17th century, Russia began to expand eastwards to develop the vast expanses of Siberia. This phase in history is closely associated with the name Stroganov.


In Stroganov, players try to collect the best furs to gain wealth and fame as they move across the vastness that is Siberia. They will journey through Siberia, in spring, summer, and autumn before returning home each winter. After 4 years (rounds) the player who has best utilized their actions, and collected the most victory points, will win the game.


Stroganov: Turukhan

Return to the vast Siberian wilderness in this expansion for the beloved game by famous designer Andreas Steding: Stroganov.


As you cross the Turukhan river and establish new relationships with the local population, you will embark on new adventures that will spice up your game of Stroganov.


This expansion consists of 4 different modules. You can combine these at will to create a new gaming experience each time you play the game.


Module 1: the Siberian chipmunk introduced a new type of fur tile to collect. this might appear to have no apparent value at first, but a travelling merchant and collector will appear on the map, allowing you to exchange these rare furs for valuable advantages.

Module 2: the Hunting plans introduces a new way to help you fulfil the Tzar’s wishes. As you hunt for specific furs, you can spend hunting marker steps to lower the amount of requested fur tiles on any Tzar’s Wish.

Module 3: New Landscapes adds two new types of landscape tiles to the game. The Characters count as a wild type of landscape tile and give your permanent abilities for the rest of the game once you acquire them. The sacred places introduce a fifth type of landscape and will earn you VP at the end of the game if you meet certain conditions.

Module 4: the Diplomacy track will allow you to trade with the locals by showing signs of good faith. The more generous you are, the more of an advantage you can win over your competitors. Time your actions well and earn many riches and fame.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg


Box Content


  • 1 game board (double-sided)
  • 1 starting tile
  • 26 landscape tiles
  • 6 setup furs
  • 76 furs
  • 1 acrylic season marker
  • 1 printed bag
  • 40 horse meeples
  • 20 banner tokens
  • 20 metal coins
  • 5 village tiles
  • 16 yurt tiles
  • 20 song tiles
  • 16 tiger tiles
  • 37 tsar’s wish cards
  • 18 automa solo cards
  • 1 double-sided solo board
  • 4 double-sided player boards
  • 4 cossack meeples
  • 4 printed story tokens
  • 4 printed trophy tokens
  • 4 printed victory point tokens
  • 20 outposts

Stroganov: Turukhan

  • 10 chipmunk tiles
  • 4 travelling merchant tiles
  • 6 hunting plan tiles
  • 4 printed hunting plan markers
  • 8 landscape tiles
  • 1 diplomacy board
  • 10 diplomacy tiles
  • 4 terrain-type tiles
  • 4 printed diplomacy markers
  • 5 diplomacy track bonus tiles
  • 1 board overlay



Rulebook Stroganov English
Rulebook Stroganov French
Rulebook Stroganov German
Rulebook Stroganov Dutch
Rulebook Stroganov Turukhan English
Rulebook Stroganov Turukhan German
Rulebook Stroganov Turukhan French
Rulebook Stroganov Turukhan Dutch

Stroganov Deluxe Big Box