Trolls & Princesses Big Nose Edition


90-120′    2-4    12+
Pim Thunborg
Edu Vals

Release your inner Troll.


Trolls are not big and stupid, as many would have you believe. Not long ago they lived among us and they used their cunning magic to look like us humans.
They lived with their cattle in the mountains. Their caves were beautiful and luxurious with a lot of silver, gold, gems, and a table full of delicious food. In Sweden, there is an expression for this “Rich as a troll”.


Trolls were not evil if you didn’t treat them badly, they could even be helpful to those who treated them well. But they often played tricks on humans. Their magic power (trollkraft) could distort the vision of humans so the troll looked like a human, an animal, a log, and a stone and even become invisible. But they also had some weaknesses. They couldn’t stand the sounds of church bells or steel, not to mention the sight of the sun.


Trolls & Princesses is a “worker movement” game. You play as one of four troll clans and to get the mountains king’s favour, you try to impress him. The players get favour (in the form of victory points) when they do what trolls usually do: swap changelings, “hire” humans, tear down church bells, kidnap princesses, build their cave, and use troll magic. To succeed, the players must collect resources and move around their trolls to do different actions. The player with the most victory points at the end can crown himself the ultimate troll clan leader.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Box Content

  • 1 village board
  • 1 central board section
  • 64 cave tiles
  • 48 obsidian stones
  • 32 gold bars
  • 24 diamonds
  • 60 turn cards
  • 14 king’s cards
  • 48 troll cards
  • 20 king’s cave tiles
  • 16 neutral changelings (with heat transfer print)
  • 12 wooden princesses (with heat transfer print)
  • 12 neutral outposts (with heat transfer print)
  • 13 humans (with heat transfer print)
  • 12 wooden bells
  • 16 wooden cows
  • 11 barn covers
  • 10 castle tiles
  • 1 wooden troll king (with heat transfer print)
  • 5 trolls per player (with heat transfer print)
  • 4 troll changelings per player (with heat transfer print)
  • 4 outposts per player (with heat transfer print)
  • 4 clan markers per player
  • 1 troll power marker per player (with heat transfer print)
  • 1 player board per player
  • 1 player aid per player
  • 1 rulebook



Rulebook Trolls & Princesses English
Rulebook Trolls & Princesses French