Why do I not see discounted prices?

To see your rebate, you must log in with the email address you use on Kickstarter and Gamefound. If you use more than one email address, please contact us by creating a ticket on our support page. We can then assign a combined discount to one of your email addresses.

What's the shipping cost in Game Brewer's GoodBuy campaign?

Below is our table of shipping costs for our GoodBuy campaign. These fixed costs are charged only once, no matter how many games you order. However, the shipping costs in the table below do not include VAT. The VAT applicable in your country of residence will be added in your shopping cart.

No additional taxes apply to countries with friendly shipping. In other countries, customs may charge additional import taxes.

I backed one of Game Brewer's new releases. Can you ship all games together without additional shipping cost?

Our crowdfunding campaigns and stock sales are two separate campaigns. Although fulfillment centers can ship orders together, we administer these campaigns separately to avoid errors. Therefore, Game Brewer’s GoodBuy campaign fixed shipping costs always apply.

When will you ship?

All board games are packaged and shipped by Packman in Poland or Gamerati in the United States.

We ship your order within a few weeks if you did not order one of our new releases and you don’t live in the UK.

If you did order one of our new games, we ship your entire order in October-November, depending on when they arrive at the fulfillment centers. Our new releases are still being produced as we speak.

People in the UK will have to wait untill October-November, regardless of what games they order. We will ship all games, including our new releases, from Poland to a fulfillment center in the UK first.

Why is there only friendly shipping to the EU, the USA, and the UK?

Our stock is located in Europe and the US. We do not use any other fulfillment centers, except for one in the UK.

Why don't I see all your stock games that you still have available?

The visibility of our games depends on your location. If you are in the USA, you will only see our stock in the USA. People in the rest of the world see our European inventory.

Why is shipping to Canada so expensive and not customs friendly?

Believe it or not, but shipping a game from Seattle to Canada is more expensive than shipping from Poland to Canada. The good thing is that Canadians have more games to choose from than Americans :).

Do you guarantee customer service if something is wrong with my game?

Ending Game Brewer’s business operations will last until the end of 2024. That includes all customer support until December 2024.

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