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Dear Friends and Fans,


Seven years ago, we embarked on an incredible adventure, bringing you exciting and innovative board games. From our humble beginnings, Game Brewer has grown into a beloved publishing company, thanks to your unwavering support and enthusiasm for our games.


However, every journey has its end, and we have decided that the time has come to close this chapter. Bone Wars, Algae Inc., and the Stroganov big box will be our final releases. These games are currently in production and will soon be available in very limited quantities. Rest assured, all our crowdfunding backers will receive their pledged games.


We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our fans who have supported us throughout the years. Unfortunately, the increasing competitiveness of the market has made it challenging for us to remain profitable. In the coming weeks, I will share stories of our adventure in a blog on our website, highlighting the highs and lows of our journey in the board game industry. You are welcome to comment on our experiences. Hopefully it can help people get a better understanding of the day-to-day practices and hurdles at a small indie publisher.


As we prepare to bid farewell, we ask for your support one last time. Despite careful planning, we find ourselves with a stock of 9000 board games. To ensure we can settle all our obligations, including author license fees, and conclude our adventure debt-free, we need your help in purchasing this stock.

Because we are offering competitive discounts and it is the very last time we will be appealing for your support, we are calling this stock sale our GoodBuy campaign


Except for our new releases, all games are sold at 25% off and with a fixed shipping cost, no matter how many games you buy. As a token of our gratitude, everyone who has ever bought a game through crowdfunding from us will receive an extra 2% discount for every game they have previously purchased from us. We have done 20 crowdfunding projects, so the maximum discount is 65%! 

We are no longer accepting new subscribers, but we decided to give the maximum 65% discount to all our excisiting subscribers as well.


Be sure to log in with the email address you use on Kickstarter or Gamefound to immediately see your discounted prices. If this is the first time logging into our website with that email address, click on “Lost your password?” on the login screen and follow all steps to create your own password first.

Thank you for the amazing journey and your incredible support. Let’s make these final moments memorable and ensure that Game Brewer ends on a high note!


Rudy Seuntjens

Game Brewer

Read more about our journey


Why do I not see discounted prices? To see your rebate, you must log in with the email address you use on

43 responses

  1. Hi, Could someone please help me with this (before the items in my cart are out of stock). I’m unable to place my order as I keep getting the message – “There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.”

      1. Hi, still waiting for someone to get back. Hippocrates Agora is already out of stock. Could you please help with the shipping issue.

        1. Hi, I can’t find a support ticket under your name, so I’m not sure what this is about. Please create a support ticket on this website so we can help you with your issue. Thanks.
          Reading your comment, this probably means that you live in the USA. In that case you’re only supposed to see the stock that we have in Seattle. You try to fill in your contact details in your profile first, so you see the right stock (which normally works with automatic geo-location).
          You can find your address settings here when you are logged in:

          1. Hi, I’d written through Contact Us option. Nonetheless, I’ve submitted a new Support Ticket. My address is from India.

          2. Between my very first message on this thread on the 13th and now, I still have no solution to my issue; and no response to the support ticket either. This is so disappointing.

  2. I’m sorry, I really liked Stroganov’s game, which I ordered for crowdfunding. But I immediately tore up the playing field. I tried to order a new one. I am ready to purchase other additions to this game

  3. This is as much surprising as saddening. But despite not wanting to be that guy, I’m an economist and I have to ask if you have any plans for those fair supporters of yours, who still sit on rewards points, they couldn’t spend in the last years.

    Apart from that, best of luck for all of you guys. It’s always been a great fun to work with you.

  4. Very sad this happening, as I’ve backed almost all the games you’ve produced minus the really early ones like pixie queen) and I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve played so far. Wishing you all the best for whatever the future may hold. I think you’ve been great in the board game community and I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for it.

    Separately, regarding your final sales, I was curious when games would ship. Specifically, during the most recent campaign for Algae Inc. I added the all-in for trolls and princesses. Will/could pledged add-ons ship now outside of fulfillment or will I/we have to wait? I’m a little nervous that the orders brought through this discount may ship first and if there was a miscount or issue of some kind that I may have paid more than others and potentially receive no game. Also I have to say I’m happy that others are able to get great games at a lower price, but I do feel that loyal backers are getting the short side of the stick. Nothing against the company, just a general trend I see in the community regarding supporters often receiving comparably higher costs for getting games into production with limited to no benefit.

    1. Hi, thanks for joining and backing almost all of our games!

      For both stock sales and crowdfunding campaigns, if any of our new releases are part of the order, we will wait until the new games have arrived before shipping everything together.

      Of course, we hold all pre-ordered games through other campaigns.

      This is the very first time we are discounting deluxe games. We have always adhered to our policy that deluxe games will only be sold at MSRP after a crowdfunding campaign. I hope you understand that this is a special situation.

  5. Oh! This was a sad sad email!
    I am so sorry for you guys!

    Many thanks for the wonderful game you produced and gave us!

    I will certainly try to help as I can.

    A question : is Fuji Koro also part of the stock?

  6. I’m so sad to hear this… I love you games…. You guys and the unique subjects/themes for the games will be missed. Also, I’m unable to place an order as my shipping cost is not updating. I’ve written though ‘Contact Us’ form as well. Please help

    1. Hi, Could someone please help me with this (before the items in my cart are out of stock). I’m unable to place my order as I keep getting the message – “There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.”

  7. Hi,
    I eventually placed a quite substantial good-bye order ;o)
    I hope you’ll be able to despatch it very soon !
    Thanks again for all your great games !

  8. Very sorry to hear this.
    Being given the chance to work on the Gugong solo mode began my short little passion career in board games and was a fantastic experience.
    I think you should all be very proud of some amazing games and productions and I wish you the best!

  9. Sad to see you go! All the best with whatever new adventure lies ahead for you.

    Any idea on how long it takes to ship? (for the non upcoming releases)

    1. We’ll ship them asap. Could take up to 2 weeks because we’ll have to send some stock from Belgium to Poland first to centralize everything. In the US we can ship immediately.

  10. Very sad to read that, I’m bummed.
    And also surprised that I didn’t get any email from you on this major topic, whereas I’m one of your subscribers…
    Anyway, I’ll try to help buying a few games from you one last time… 😢
    And I hope for the best for the whole GB team !

      1. Still no response yet as to the solution, but I’ll keep an eye out. I do see a ticket was created but nothing beyond that yet.

  11. I’m very sad to hear this. It has been a great pleasure working with you to hone many of your recent rulebooks before production, and it’s a partnership I will miss. Fortunately, I will still have many fine games on my shelf to remember you by. Gugong and Stroganov have been particular standouts, and I am very much looking forward to Bone Wars and Algae, Inc.! Best of luck with your sale, and in all your future endeavors.


    1. Thank you so much, Dave. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Maybe we’ll meet again some day. We will all stay active in the board game industry one way or the other.

  12. Noo! Waar Gaan we nu bier drinken op Spiel. Super jammer en zware keuze. Success met de toekomst!

    Als jullie al een plekje voor SPIEL hebben zien we jullie daar.

    Sowieso sterkte met alles!

    Van de Buren @Cephalofair

  13. That is such sad news!
    But, this current climate is hard for everyone, well done for taking the honorable exit rather than risking hurting backers.

    Little side note – I submitted a ticket a while ago for missing Stroganov pieces, and just haven’t heard anything, can I still expect this to be dealt with?

    1. Hey Shaymurai. I will take it up with my colleague who handles the tickets. There should be no open tickets at the moment. Have you checked your spam folder? If you haven’t heard back from us by the end of the week, please create a new ticket. Thank you.

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